How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery located at Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford offers several types of weight loss surgery including gastric banding, gastric bypass and LAP-BAND® surgeries. If you’re considering one of these procedures as a treatment for your obesity, you may be wondering what it will cost and how much of that will be covered by insurance. We wrote this article to help answer questions you may have about insurance coverage; in this article we’ll talk a little bit about the costs associated with weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery isn’t an inexpensive solution for obesity, but it may be the one that will be the most effective for you. We’re here to help you from day one and are available to answer your questions and give you the support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

The primary cost for your procedure will depend largely on your insurance coverage. But generally speaking, cost for your procedure could include some of the following:

  • Pre-operative lab fees
  • X-ray fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospital facility fees
  • Surgeon fees
  • Follow-up appointments

Pre- and Post-Procedure Costs
There are a few post-procedure costs that could be associated with the procedure, which should be mentioned here. These may include:

  • Nutritional counselor and/or dietary plans depending on your needs and insurance coverage
  • Typically patients are recommended a pre- and post-operative diet (two weeks before their procedure and two weeks after their procedure, respectively).Fitness regimen
    • Nutritional supplements: cost ranges from $215 to $240 per month
      Includes four (4) shakes per day and four (4) vitamin supplements per day (bariatric fusion supplements OR two (2) Flinstones® Complete OR two (2) Viactive®
  • Behavioral modification
  • Body contouring surgeries
  • Gym membership
  • New wardrobe

If you’re considering weight loss surgery as an option to manage your obesity please attend a free weight loss seminar where one of our experienced surgeons will answer your questions. See our calendar of events to find out seminar dates and times, then call (781) 306-6166 to register.

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