Weight Management is a Day-to-Day Effort – Start Today!

Starting a weight management program can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t exercised in many months or even years. For an overweight individual, tackling even the littlest activity can be exhausting.

Rather than continuing to promise yourself that you will get started the next day or the day after, it is vital for your health to get started today. “But, how?” you might ask.

Start your new weight management program by accessing and recording your abilities in a workout diary or journal. This will give you a baseline as to where you started and you can track your progress. It may not feel like you can run a 5k today, but looking forward you will see a vast improvement if you continue your efforts every day.

We recommend accessing the following:

  • Your body mass index (BMI) – there is many easy-to-use online calculators to help you with determining your BMI
  • Waist circumference – while standing straight measure your abdomen just above your hipbones
  • Time it takes to walk one mile
  • The number of sit ups and push-ups you can complete at one time

Once you have an idea of what you can do today, you can build goals for yourself. These goals should be included in your journal, reminding you daily of what you are trying to accomplish.

Exercising consistently every day is important to reach your goals, but with that said, it is also important not to burn yourself out. We recommend you select a variety of activities, alternating between activities. By alternating your activities from day to day, this will help reduce the chance of getting bored, but also allow the proper rest period for your body.

These activities might include walking, hiking or running, riding a bike or stationary bike, yoga or exercise class like Tae Bo or Zumba, weight training at the gym, and so on and so forth. There are many activities you can do to help you get into shape. To ensure you don’t get hurt, start slowly and build up, doing a bit more every day. Be sure to write down you daily activities in your journal. This will help you keep track and push yourself a bit more the next time you do that activity.

Don’t forget to monitor your progress throughout and don’t get down if you miss a day here or there. Recalculate your access points from day one every four to six weeks making notes in your journal. As you see improvements, this will help keep you motivated.

At Hallmark Health, we feel it is important to combine a healthy diet and an exercise program to manage your weight. In addition to this program, be sure you pack your meals with lean protein and a rainbow of veggies.  Drink lots of water to ensure you stay hydrated.

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