Tips for Reworking Your Wardrobe on a Budget After Weight Loss Surgery

You have worked so hard at getting down to a size you are comfortable with, but now your clothes don’t fit. Here are some tips to help you rework your wardrobe so your wardrobe matches how you feel – awesome – without breaking the bank.

Hit the big ones first.
No; not the big sizes, the big stores. Small boutique shops are great for browsing, but if you are looking for beauty at a bargain you should go to the major chain stores first. Big chains have a lot of merchandise to turn over, so they are more likely to have markdowns – especially when seasons are changing.

Save on shipping.
Have you found the perfect dress but it’s sold out in your size? Just ask the salesperson if the size is available in the inventory at a sister store. Many times shipping is complimentary, especially if you ask in-store (versus going online).

Remember the gift cards.
We all have one or two stashed away that we forgot we had. Check out websites like and You could get up to 60 percent of the original value of your gift card back to use on something else. Did you get a gift card to an appliance store that you thought you would never use? It might be enough to buy you a sweet new evening dress.

Don’t throw away your receipts just yet.
Did you know many stores will give you a price adjustment within 14 days if an item goes on sale? So go home, check the store’s Website or call them within the week to see if your purchase has gone on sale.

Be sweet to the salespeople.
Many sales reps make a commission. That means if they make a sale with you, they’ll get paid. Don’t be shy about asking if he or she can set aside a higher-ticket item for you to purchase when it gets marked down. You and the sales rep will benefit from the purchase.

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