The Three-Step ‘Love Your Shape’ Confidence Guide

You are working very hard to get in shape and lose weight. Along the way you will run into mishaps, missteps and doubts that your ideal weight is attainable. It’s time to silence the naysayers and negative voices in your head telling you, “you can’t” and listen to the signs that say, “I will.”

Step 1: Cut out negative thinking

Pick one day and record all of the negative things you say to yourself about your body, then, ask yourself: 1) where the thought came from, 2) is it logical and 3) whether it contributes to your stress.

Step 2: Establish a set of rules to build self-respect.

Define in writing what you will and will not acknowledge in respect to your body, your appearance or the appearance of others. For example, 1) I will not tear myself down or speak badly about myself, even in casual conversation (“I look like an elephant,” “I can’t believe I ate that, I’m so stupid.”) 2) I will not speak negatively about the appearance of others (“She shouldn’t be wearing that shirt,” “He really got big.”) 3) I will consider ending relationships with men or women who cause me to feel stressed about my appearance or weight.

Step 3: Make peace with food and living an active lifestyle.

Take the shortcut to a positive body image by learning to trust your body and the knowledge that it is designed to work with fully developed muscles. When you recognize that being active leads to being functional, capable and strong, you will adopt a state of mind and self-image that will help you overcome adversity in any stage of life. Also, change your relationship with food. Recognize what pushes the emotional buttons that cause you to overeat, then, establish alternate responses like listening to relaxing music, taking a walk or a hot shower. Remember that food is what fuels your body; there is no “good” food or “bad” food and the more you can stop brow-beating yourself for eating, the better you will be at controlling your weight.

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