Kid proof your health with these 10 tips

Being a parent is an endless job. Whether you have young children or teenagers, they require much of your attention. Unlike a job, clocking in and out is not an option. When it comes to children, most parents make them a priority over everything else. While it is understandable that parents put their children before their own needs, it doesn’t necessary lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. Waking up early, juggling one thing after another and making all the accommodations that children require can take a toll. It is crucial to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 10 great tips to help keep parents healthy:

  1. Eat regular, small meals – this will help keep your energy ramped up throughout the day, as well as keep your metabolism burning off calories all day.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast – not only is this the most important meal of the day for energy reasons, but it actually gets your metabolism going in the morning.
  3. Don’t pick off your child’s plate – many of us were taught to clean our plates and this has translated to clean our plates and our children’s plates. Fighting the urge to do this will reduce unneeded calories.
  4. Pack a lunch and snacks on busy days – on days when you know you will be away from home all day, planning ahead by packing low sugar foods will reduce the need to hit the drive thru.
  5. Eat healthy by eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Exercise regularly – finding the time to exercise is a big hurdle for many parents, but it really is important. Try finding new ways to exercise like walking around the field while your child is at sports practice.
  7. Take quiet time for yourself – as your children take naps or run off to a friend’s house to play; many parents find this time to get things done around the house. Though understandable, studies have shown taking a 15 to 30 minute nap can improve your ability to focus, which will allow you to get more done in the long run.
  8. Get your sleep – children, especially young children, can wreak havoc on a parent’s sleep patterns. It is important to recognize this and account for it accordingly. Sleep is important for a healthy tomorrow.
  9. Drink water and watch your caffeine intake – resorting to caffeine as a “pick me up” can do more harm than good. Drinking at least eight glasses of water will actually give you more energy than drinking down a soda.
  10. Take time for yourself and for your relationships – don’t forget to go on dates with your partner or go out to dinner with friends. Every parent needs a break once in a while and being with those you like and care about is a great opportunity.

Healthy parents equal healthy children. What tips would you add to help other parents stay healthy?

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