Slim Gym Style

When you work out, your blood gets pumping and your muscles fill, giving you that “pump” that makes you look firmer and shapelier. Even so, it is common for people recovering from weight loss surgery to be self-conscious about their body, which could make the full-length mirrors at the gym pretty intimidating.

Not to worry. It’s easy to be fit and fashionable when you play up your “better” body parts and downplay the ones that you’re less fond of. Here are a few fashion tricks that can help give you a leaner look without sacrificing the comfort and support you need when working out.

Sports bras

Sports bras are notorious for being unflattering. Combat this by choosing a sports bra with molded cups and a V-shaped neckline. This will add length to your neck and give you a leaner look.

Tummy-taming tops

You don’t have to hide your figure under baggy sweatshirts or oversized T-shirts. Now you can find fitted tops that provide extra support in the tummy and around the waistline. Choose tops with snug side-ribbing; textured tops can also go miles in disguising unwanted lumps and bumps.

Sleek silhouette

A little-known secret to a slender look is color blocking. Dark paneling down the sides of a shirt or pants can help nip in curves by creating long, slender lines.

Color diversion

While brightly-colored socks or shoes won’t whittle away your thighs, they do help divert attention from body parts that are still works in progress. Luckily, these days it’s easy to find shoes in bright blues, oranges, yellows and reds that still offer the balance, stability and support you need.

Skorts slenderize

A skort is a hybrid between a skirt and shorts. The right skort will provide ample coverage and is still feminine. Plus, the under-the-skirt-shorts provide give extra support, helping to reduce jiggle.

Compression fabric

Whether you are sporting workout “skinny pants” or capris, look for what is called “compression fabric.” It gives your body extra support while smoothing bulges. If you opt for compression fabric in pants, look for high, wide waistbands that fit over your waist. This will help keep the compression fabric from pushing extra flesh over the top of your pants, preventing that “muffin top” look.

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