Reward Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Pampering yourself can help you stay motivated. Valentine’s Day is coming up and there’s chocolate and sweets at the end of almost every aisle in the grocery store. You’ve been working so hard this year at your career, in the home and on your weight loss goal, this might be just the time to pamper yourself a little to stay motivated. Taking proper care of your mind, body and soul can keep you in the optimum mindset to help you resist the Valentine’s Day sweets temptations, feel great about yourself and keep you in shape to handle everyday stress. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can do these little things to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day – you deserve it!

Just face it.
Whether you go to a spa to have it done or do it yourself at home, a facial mask will help clear your pores of dirt and bacteria. Afterwards your face will have a nice glow and getting one done or giving yourself one provides you some alone time where you can concentrate on yourself, your goals and how happy you are to be on the right track.

Give yourself some TLC with a body massage.
Everyday stresses can add up. Relieve some of the tension with a massage — even if it is a short one! Don’t have time to make a massage appointment? Just pick up some massage oils or lotion at your local drugstore and rub it into your neck, shoulders and hands. Every minute of TLC you can give yourself is time well spent!

You are always on-the-go. Take a load off and give your feet some attention! Put on some relaxing music and scrub away the tension (and rough skin) from your feet with a pumice stone and for some extra foot-love, try soaking them in warm water and sea salt first.

Silky sweet escape
We’re not talking about the sweets you can eat. We’re talking about getting a new set of sheets for you bed! Your bed is where you lay your head every night to rest and it can be the focal point of your bedroom. If you have the money, splurging on a nice; comfortable bedding set can help you feel pampered and ready for a restful night.

Steamy saga
Treat yourself to a warm bath and a good book. Lock the bathroom door (put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on it if you need to!) and spend some time alone with your hero and/or heroine. It could be just what you need.

Turn it up
Treat yourself to a pair of wireless headphones or an MP3 player. Music is a perfect workout partner and a great way to keep the gym fun and interesting.

Fitness fun
Staying on the road to a healthier you doesn’t have to be a chore. Check out some new equipment like workout bands, dumbbells for your home, a well-made jump rope, yoga or fitness videos or a WiiFit.

Taking the time to pamper yourself can help take everyday stress away and help make the rest of your life more enjoyable. For more post-bariatric surgery tips and recipes, follow us on Twitter or join our supportive community on Facebook.

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