Portable, Weight-Loss-Friendly Lunches

You are on-the-go again and want keep lunches healthy and delicious. Don’t let work, daily to-dos or life’s all-around craziness derail you from your post-bariatric weight loss progress. Here are some weight-loss-friendly protein-packed lunches that are portable and very palatable.

Back to my roots vegetable quiche

Hearty, cozy, homey and satisfying, almost any root vegetables of your choosing would do this quiche justice. Get cracking and check out this healthy quiche you can slice up and easily take with you.

Quinoa caprese salad

Yes, you heard right – it’s a caprese salad recipe that is high in protein. Not only is quinoa a plant-based protein source, it contains nine essential amino acids, tons of fiber and is gluten-free. Mix this amazing grain with some baby tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and balsamic vinegar and you’ve got a protein-packed, nutrient-dense salad.

Chayotes, roasted veggies and lentil curry salad

Chayotes are part of the gourd family, grown in Central America. It kind of tastes like yellow squash but is firmer. This dish uses chayotes, lentils, curry, roasted veggies and chicken.

Meal-in-a-bowl: pesto-bean topped salad

If you already have cooked beans on hand, this recipe comes together in a flash. You can use both home-cooked and canned beans with great success (though if you use canned, be sure to rinse and drain them very well to remove excess salt). This is a great, light meal that is perfect for a summer’s evening or dining al fresco. The beans work well over just about any type of salad!

Nira-tama (garlic chive omelet)

This recipe uses garlic, chives, salt, pepper and eggs to make a tasty, easy, portable meal.

Curried chicken gluten-free quinoa salad

While quinoa is beloved as a great source of protein, this recipe uses the best of both protein worlds – plant and meat.

Chicken and veggie loaf

Serve with a salad for lunch or dinner, or wrap each slice in foil for a handy portable snack.

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