10 Fun Ways to Lose Weight This Spring

1. Dance Dance Revolution

Available for several gaming consoles, this game brings fitness to the living room. Just follow the choreographed moves to fun, rhythmic tunes and you’ll be a Dance Dance Revolution pro in no time.

2. Capoeira

This Brazilian martial art mixes dance, music and acrobatics. Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. There’s many levels of the art – just be ready to move, be active and have a lot of fun.

3. Kettle Cardio

No, not tea kettle. Kettle bells are a great way to add strength training to your cardio workout. You can find kettle bells from 5 – 65 pounds in your local Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

4. Taekwondo

You don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy the Korean martial art, taekwondo. Its dynamic forms make for an interesting workout for martial artists at any level. Taekwondo’s structured classes are perfect for beginners and its focus on the lower body will get your heart rate up in no time.

5. Disc Golf

Grab a few friends and a few frisbees and head to one of the many disc golf courses in Massachusetts. Walk, jog or run through the courses as you try to toss your disc into the target “holes.”

6. Jumping Rope

It’s not just for kids! Jumping rope is an amazing aerobic activity that burns tons of calories – plus it’s a budget-friendly activity you can take with you anywhere.

7. Tai Chi

Get in touch with your inner peace. Tai Chi centuries old, originating in China and is a way you can connect your body and mind through meditative, slow, controlled and fluid movements. But don’t let its slow-pace fool you. Tai Chi improves coordination, increases strength and even lowers blood pressure and stress levels.

8. Spin

Looking for a low-impact workout where you can control the intensity? Spin classes might be for you. These indoor cycling classes set to upbeat music offer an energized atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re bicycling through a disco. You’re whole body will reap the benefits.

9. Cardio Kickboxing

This cardio class takes traditional kickboxing and combines it with fast-paced music, quick movements and stretching. Plus, don’t forget how amazing your legs will look after a few of these classes.

10. Boot Camp

Need an extra kick in the caboose to motivate you? Enroll in a bootcamp session. These intense workout sessions give you the guidance of a personal training session with the support that comes with group fitness classes. If you’re a person who needs a little extra motivation to work out, these classes might be for you.

Are you overweight and considering bariatric or weight loss surgery as a solution to your obesity? Come to one of our FREE seminars and see if weight loss surgery could be a solution for you! Click here to view our calendar to see when you can next join us.
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Stay Healthy on the Go

You’re a busy person and sticking with your weight loss plan while you’re on the go can be a challenge. Here are a few fast and fantastic ideas you can fit into your weight loss plan that will help you make nutritious eating choices when your time is pinched and you’re on the move.

Chicken wrap with whole wheat tortilla
Use a whole wheat tortilla and put a little low-fat mayo on it. Add grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers for a healthy meal that will provide your body with both wholesome carbohydrates and protein.

The better trail mix
Trail mix is one of the ultimate “anywhere” snacks. But don’t splurge on the store-bought varieties (which are often laden with hydrogenated oils and sugars); it’s easy to make your own. Mix pecans, almonds and dried fruit together with sunflower seeds and whole-wheat pretzels. Store the trail mix in a sealable container for easy access when you need some energy on the go.

Protein peanut butter balls
These are easy to make, quick to prepare and provide you with the protein and nutrition your body needs to stay healthy. Mix 1/2 cup of peanut butter, 2 scoops of protein powder, 1/4 cup of dried cranberries and 1 cup of dry oats together in a bowl. When the mixture is sticky (add a little water to moisten it if you need to), form it into balls. Coat each ball with oats mixed with some peanut butter and store in a sealable container.

Banana and peanut butter roll-ups
Do you love the banana and peanut butter combo? These roll-ups are great when you’re pinched for time. Just spread 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (try to buy the natural kind) on a whole wheat tortilla or pita. Top it with sliced banana and store in a sealable container.

Protein pancakes
This protein-packed meal is easy to take with you. Just mix 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 scoops of protein powder and 1 cup of egg whites together. Mix well and pour into little cakes onto a non-stick-sprayed pre-heated pan. Cook the pancakes until they’re golden brown (about 2-3 minutes), flip and then cook about 2 minutes on the other side. This recipe should make you between 5-7 pancakes.

Tuna with style
Tuna is the stable grab-and-go protein source and this little trick will help you to spice it up a little. Drain a can of tuna and combine it with 1/2 cup kernel corn, chopped mushrooms, carrots, peppers and 1/4 cup of salsa. You can add garlic, onion powder or chili pepper if you like. Keep it chilled if you don’t plan on eating it within a few hours.

Low-fat cheese with an apple
Pair an apple with low-fat cheese or cottage cheese for a great healthy-carb/protein combo.

Crackers or cucumbers and canned salmon
Another high-protein source, salmon is high in essential fatty acid. Mix it with some low-fat mayonnaise and eat it on sliced cucumbers or whole wheat crackers.

Canned fruit and cottage cheese
When you don’t have a refrigerator handy, it’s easy to pack a can of fruit (light syrup variety) and a small container of low-fat cottage cheese. When you’re ready to eat, just dump the can of fruit in the cottage cheese and enjoy.

So there you have it! Fast, easy and on-the-go snack ideas that will help keep you making healthy choices no matter where you are. For more post-bariatric surgery tips and recipes, follow us on Twitter or join our supportive community on Facebook.

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Reward Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Pampering yourself can help you stay motivated. Valentine’s Day is coming up and there’s chocolate and sweets at the end of almost every aisle in the grocery store. You’ve been working so hard this year at your career, in the home and on your weight loss goal, this might be just the time to pamper yourself a little to stay motivated. Taking proper care of your mind, body and soul can keep you in the optimum mindset to help you resist the Valentine’s Day sweets temptations, feel great about yourself and keep you in shape to handle everyday stress. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can do these little things to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day – you deserve it!

Just face it.
Whether you go to a spa to have it done or do it yourself at home, a facial mask will help clear your pores of dirt and bacteria. Afterwards your face will have a nice glow and getting one done or giving yourself one provides you some alone time where you can concentrate on yourself, your goals and how happy you are to be on the right track.

Give yourself some TLC with a body massage.
Everyday stresses can add up. Relieve some of the tension with a massage — even if it is a short one! Don’t have time to make a massage appointment? Just pick up some massage oils or lotion at your local drugstore and rub it into your neck, shoulders and hands. Every minute of TLC you can give yourself is time well spent!

You are always on-the-go. Take a load off and give your feet some attention! Put on some relaxing music and scrub away the tension (and rough skin) from your feet with a pumice stone and for some extra foot-love, try soaking them in warm water and sea salt first.

Silky sweet escape
We’re not talking about the sweets you can eat. We’re talking about getting a new set of sheets for you bed! Your bed is where you lay your head every night to rest and it can be the focal point of your bedroom. If you have the money, splurging on a nice; comfortable bedding set can help you feel pampered and ready for a restful night.

Steamy saga
Treat yourself to a warm bath and a good book. Lock the bathroom door (put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on it if you need to!) and spend some time alone with your hero and/or heroine. It could be just what you need.

Turn it up
Treat yourself to a pair of wireless headphones or an MP3 player. Music is a perfect workout partner and a great way to keep the gym fun and interesting.

Fitness fun
Staying on the road to a healthier you doesn’t have to be a chore. Check out some new equipment like workout bands, dumbbells for your home, a well-made jump rope, yoga or fitness videos or a WiiFit.

Taking the time to pamper yourself can help take everyday stress away and help make the rest of your life more enjoyable. For more post-bariatric surgery tips and recipes, follow us on Twitter or join our supportive community on Facebook.

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Dos and Don’ts of Post-Bariatric Surgery Party Planning (or Attending)

You’ve had your weight loss surgery, you’re on the road to weight loss and you’re ready to be the host or hostess with the mostest. To many of us, parties are one of the best ways to get together with friends, families and coworkers. It’s a time where you can gather all of your loved ones in one place and celebrate each other’s successes or catch up on what’s going on in your lives.

It will take a few little adjustments to your routine, but you can still enjoy yourself at parites – without falling short of your your post-weight loss surgery regimen. To help you stay on track, we’ve put together this list of basic tips and tricks that will help you host (or attend) parties successfully.

Drink plenty of water pre-party.

Drinking a lot of water will both help you stay hydrated and feel fuller, making the likelihood smaller that you’ll eat too much.

If you must have dessert, pick just one.
The dessert tray is always a tough temptation. But if you feel you must have a taste, check out the dessert table during the party and take time to decide which dessert you want most. Then choose just that dessert. It might seem difficult, but having one treat to look forward to at the end of the party (instead of going berserk on two or three) will give you a greater sense of fulfillment!

Don’t “save” calories.
You might be tempted to “save” calories day but the reality is, skipping meals and/or normal snacks may set you up to eat too much later on. You might end up feeling famished and deprived of nutrients when your party starts and then once the event is in full swing, you could overindulge on foods you may not eat under normal circumstances. Before you bank calories, remember – eat normally and you’ll feel better later.

Wear an outfit you feel good wearing.
Do you have an outfit that you’ve been dying to show off? Maybe you’re not a size 6 yet, but you have worked hard to get to where you are so don’t be shy about putting something nice on and showing off a little. Wearing something that looks good on you will help you feel terrific about your progress – and that helps you stay on track when you feel like indulging a little too much.

Work out if you can!
Exercise releases endorphines, increases circulation and feels good, so make it one of your goals to have a fantastic workout on party-day. Plus, setting a healthy goal and accomplishing it will give you sense of achievement you can carry with your to your social event.

Don’t disregard the veggies.
Better yet, make sure you serve tons of delicious veggies at your party. Or if you’re attending a social event, check out the whereabouts of the vegetable tray as soon as you arrive. When you fill up on raw veggie snacks, you will tend to eat less throughout the event.

Mind your alcohol intake.
Many of us like to have an occasional adult beverage, but remember there are healthier options you can choose to drink as an alternative your usual adult party beverages. Try adding some carbonated water or club soda to your wine, stick to calorie-free or diet mixers and try light beer as opposed to dark. Don’t forget, always enjoy your indulgences in moderation.

Don’t mind the comments.
Don’t let anyone’s negativity affect you. We’ve all heard the comments before: “Really? I can’t believe you won’t have a piece of cake!” You are working hard to feel positive and good about yourself. Don’t let the criticism and comments of others impact your course of action.

Keep things in perspective.
Did go hog wild? No problem. Wake up on a good note the morning after the party and tell yourself, “No worries. Today I’m going pick up where I left off.” Do this and you’ll feel better in no time.

Want more weight loss surgery tips and tricks?

We host post-bariatric surgery support groups in Medford. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We host sweepstakes, share recipes, inspirational quotes and are a supportive community of people who share their experiences with weight loss surgery.

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Tips for Reworking Your Wardrobe on a Budget After Weight Loss Surgery

You have worked so hard at getting down to a size you are comfortable with, but now your clothes don’t fit. Here are some tips to help you rework your wardrobe so your wardrobe matches how you feel – awesome – without breaking the bank.

Hit the big ones first.
No; not the big sizes, the big stores. Small boutique shops are great for browsing, but if you are looking for beauty at a bargain you should go to the major chain stores first. Big chains have a lot of merchandise to turn over, so they are more likely to have markdowns – especially when seasons are changing.

Save on shipping.
Have you found the perfect dress but it’s sold out in your size? Just ask the salesperson if the size is available in the inventory at a sister store. Many times shipping is complimentary, especially if you ask in-store (versus going online).

Remember the gift cards.
We all have one or two stashed away that we forgot we had. Check out websites like swapagift.com and plasticjungle.com. You could get up to 60 percent of the original value of your gift card back to use on something else. Did you get a gift card to an appliance store that you thought you would never use? It might be enough to buy you a sweet new evening dress.

Don’t throw away your receipts just yet.
Did you know many stores will give you a price adjustment within 14 days if an item goes on sale? So go home, check the store’s Website or call them within the week to see if your purchase has gone on sale.

Be sweet to the salespeople.
Many sales reps make a commission. That means if they make a sale with you, they’ll get paid. Don’t be shy about asking if he or she can set aside a higher-ticket item for you to purchase when it gets marked down. You and the sales rep will benefit from the purchase.

Want more tips and helpful information? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get post-weight loss surgery recipes, ideas and inspiration. We’re a supportive community sharing experiences and tips.

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Get Ready for Weight Loss in 2013

It’s the new year and you are looking for ways to get inspired so you can jumpstart your weight loss (or stay on track) in 2013.

First of all, go to our Facebook page and “Like” us. If you’re on Twitter, follow us there too. We publish all kinds of tips, inspirational quotes, recipes and ideas for our followers. Plus, we’re a community of people who have either undergone or are getting ready to undergo weight loss surgery. Our community knows what you’re going through and is a great place to get support and ideas from your peers.

The new year is a great time to reflect on your previous goals revive, renew and revise them. Here’s a checklist we put together to help you get started down the right path this year, stay on track and stay positive.

1. Breathe and reflect on your goal.
Do you want to lose 20 pounds? 30 pounds? 5 pounds? It’s harder to be comfortable with your goal if you’re anxious or have something on your mind other than what you want to accomplish. Try to be comfortable both physically and emotionally with your goal before moving on to the next step

2. Write it down.
When you write down your goal, it solidifies it in your mind and will help you your body understand that you mean business. Put your goal somewhere you can see it and read it at least once a day.

3. Be gentle with yourself.
It’s easy to be hard on yourself when you fall short of following your plan of action verbatim. You can avoid this by imagining you are talking to your inner self as a small child. Be gentle, firm and most of all, smile.

4. Become inspired.
Look around you. There’s plenty of ideas and activities to inspire you! Maybe you want to lose weight so you can play with your son. Maybe your reason is that you want to travel to Europe comfortably. Or maybe you just want to be able to garden again. If you can’t get outside yet, go online and explore Pinterest.com or visit our Facebook. We post plenty of inspirational quotes and photos to help keep you motivated and inspired throughout the year.

5. Set attainable goals.
Work with your physician to set achievable goals. Set short-term and long-term goals with measurable outcomes.

6. Don’t quit!
Make sure you attend your bariatric support group meetings and look to your family and friends for support. We’re with you every step of the way.

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Lane

Meet Dr. Jennifer Lane

How do you relate to your patients on a personal level?

I understand that everyone is approaching their bariatric office visit with a unique set of questions and concerns, and that patients are sensitive to feeling judged about their struggles with obesity. My goal is to help patients find success.

How do you make patients feel comfortable and/or safe when they come in to your office?

I spend a lot of time (especially at the initial visit) discussing the available options; it is important that patients are able to make informed decisions. In addition, we have a great multidisciplinary team involved in our bariatric program, and I make sure to address how the team will work with and for the patient.

What do you like best about being a weight loss surgeon?

It’s very rewarding to see the amazing results patients can have after bariatric surgery.

What would you tell a patient who is curious about weight loss surgery but isn’t sure yet if it is for them?

I would encourage that person to attend one of our monthly information seminars at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Afterwards they are welcome to make an appointment to meet with myself or Dr. Sandor in person; we are happy to discuss their concerns. There is never any pressure to commit to surgery.

What would you tell a patient who is apprehensive about weight loss surgery?

That’s okay! Bariatric surgery is a big decision, and not one to be made lightly. We evaluate patients very thoroughly prior to surgery, and take close care of them afterwards (both in the hospital and as an outpatient).


Hospital/Facility Affiliation
Hallmark Health (Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Melrose Wakefield Hospital)



General Surgery
Bariatric Surgery

Board Certifications
General Surgery (2004)

Bariatric Surgery/Tufts Medical Center (2012)

Medical School and Year Graduated
Brown University, 1998

Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii; 1998-2003

Currently Serving Patients at the Following Locations

Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
170 Governors Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

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12 More Cool Places to Find Weight Loss Recipes and Tips

We know in your preparation for weight loss surgery you’re probably wondering where you can go for advice or support before and after surgery. We’re here for you with weight loss surgery seminars, weight loss surgery tips on our Facebook page, weight loss surgery Tweets and weight loss surgery support groups that meet every month.

Hallmark Health Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery Facebook & Twitter are great places to start. Not only do we publish great tips, recipes and news about our support groups, we also run contests where you can win gift certificates to local venues and online stores to help you buy supplements or other tools to help you in your weight loss journey! “Like” and “Follow” us today to stay motivated – you’ll have a whole community of support right at your fingertips!

12 More Cool Places to Find Weight Loss Recipes and Tips

Pre- and post-surgery you’ll be looking for tips from people who have been through it, health recipes that are tried and true and forums where people are talking about what they are doing to succeed in their weight loss journey.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of 12 great places to find weight loss recipes and tips. And never forget, you can do it!

1. Bariatric Foodie
Bariatric Foodie is a blog that also has a very active Facebook page. It is moderated by Nikki Massie, who had gastric bypass surgery January 2008 and lost a total of 155 lbs. She started Bariatric Foodie when she decided she didn’t want to be miserable about food for the rest of her life; through the blog and community she celebrates food and health.

2. Bariatric Friendly
This Facebook page is a respectful public forum of people who have undergone weight loss surgery. The page moderator posts recipes, tips and words of inspiration

3. ObesityHelp.com
This website also has an active Facebook page. ObesityHelp.com is a Bariatric social network & educational resource for weight loss surgery patients.

4. Healthy Weight Loss and Dieting Tips
This Facebook page shares secrets and tips for a healthy lifestyle every day for people of all walks of life.

5. Barix Connection
Barix Connection offer recipes, tips and forums where weight loss surgery patients.

6. Weight Loss Surgery Recipes Pinterest Boards
Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and healthy recipe ideas

7. Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyles Magazine
This magazine features healthy recipes and tips for weight loss surgery patients

8. My Fitness Pal
This mobile and web app is used by thousands to assist them in their weight loss journey. It allows you to track calories, fiber, protein, exercise and activity levels and more.

9. The World According to Egg Face Blog
This blog is a funny, fun and sincere look at life after weight loss surgery in the long-term.

10. Miles to Go Blog
This blog is a hub for weight loss surgery information, sharing and discussion.

11. Squidoo
This Squidoo lens is an entire list of tips for preparing for, undergoing and recovering from weight loss surgery.

12. Weight Loss Surgery Channel
From pre-op, what to expect and the road to success, this website covers it all.

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Weight Loss Surgery Informational Seminar

Are you interested in learning about weight loss surgery as a way to manage obesity? Join us! We host a free informational seminar every month. Click here to view our calendar to see when you can next join us.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Johnson Conference Room, just off of the main lobby.
170 Governors Ave.
Medford, MA

What happens at the seminar?

You’ll watch a video presentation about bariatric surgery, then Dr. Sandor and Dr. Lane will be available you answer your questions and moderate a discussion about weight loss surgery.

What topics are covered at the seminars?

During the weight loss surgery seminar, you’ll get an overview of the medical issues related to obesity, and the surgical options for
weight loss. We also review the risks/benefits of surgery, the preoperative evaluation process and the expected postoperative followup.

What are some frequently asked questions?

  1. How long does the preoperative process take?
    Many things affect this, including patient factors (other medical issues) and insurance requirements. Generally speaking, it will take you between 3-6 months to prepare for weight loss surgery.
  2. How does (my medical problem) affect bariatric surgery?
    Our health care professionals will be happy to address medical problems in a general fashion, but out of respect for patient privacy will reserve specific discussion for one-on-one visits.
  3. How long will I be in the hospital? When can I go back to work?
    Hospital stay is typically three days; patients should be able to go back to work in two to four weeks.

Will there be other professionals there to answer questions (i.e. Bariatric Coordinators, Financial Representatives, Nurses, Physical Therapists)?

Our seminars are physician-led. We do have a monthly support groups (this group meets after the informational seminar), and different people speak each month. We also welcome patients in the preoperative evaluation process (i.e. enrolled in the program) to attend this group.

Why should I come to the seminar?

Many people struggle with their weight; many people have health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea) that are related to being overweight. Obesity is a very common issue and despite all of the advice we give to help people “lose weight,” we know that it is uncommon for people who are significantly overweight to find success through diet and exercise.

Bariatric surgery is a powerful tool to help people deal with the medical issue of obesity.

Come to one of our free seminars to learn more weight loss surgery and about the program at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. We look forward to meeting with you.

We are committed to providing high quality care in the community for our patients.

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Benefits for Families When a Parent has Bariatric Surgery

Being overweight affects your energy levels, your self image and productivity. But did you know it also affects your family, loved ones and friends who surround you?

When a patient undergoes bariatric surgery, there are many lifestyle changes that he/she must undergo in order to achieve a successful outcome. Besides helping you lose weight, these lifestyle changes can also have a positive impact on your family and your family’s habits.

Here are just some ways that bariatric surgery will positively affect your family because it will have a positive effect on you.

1. You’ll have more energy.

When you lose weight your energy levels will go up, giving you more energy to spend on activities with your children and spouse.

2. Your self image will change, for the better.

While your self image may not be entirely hinged on how much you weigh, losing weight won’t just make you look and feel better – it will be a great sense of accomplishment to you. Your family will see this change in you – a change like this can be a powerful positive force in the household.

3. You will set an example.

Kids model their parents and learn both healthy and unhealthy behaviors from them. At Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery, we will coach you in the recovery stages of bariatric surgery on the healthy lifestyle changes you need to make for a successful outcome. Your family and children will learn about healthy food choices and the importance of physical activity because it will be a big part of your life after surgery.

4. Your family will see you setting goals, and achieving them.

While your long-term goal will be weight loss, you will make many short-term goals and meet them along the way. Whether it is building up to walking 2 miles per day or drinking adequate water daily, your family will see you making these goals and meeting them. You very well may become your family’s voice of inspiration.

5. You will reform your whole family’s eating habits, by default.

Obesity is a family concern. Research has shown that within a year of bariatric surgery, the average weight of patient’s family members fell from 234 pounds to 226 pounds! And, waistlines decreased from 47 inches to less than 44 inches. Why? Because your children will be twice as likely to reform their eating habits and increase their physical activity following your surgery.

Obesity isn’t just your concern, it is the concern of your whole family. At Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery we view bariatric surgery as a platform for change, for the whole family.

Start changing your life for the better.

There are many ways that you can reach those goals; our health care professionals and surgeons are experienced in working with patients with a wide range of needs. Call (781) 306-6166 to find out more about our free weight loss surgery informational seminars, or visit our website for more information about our services.

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