Lower Stress to Help Weight Loss: 27 Tips to Stress Less

Many studies suggest that stress is linked to weight gain, obesity and a host of other health ailments. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with daily household chores or dealing with the pressure of performing at work, even seemingly simple everyday challenges can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

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The good news is, incorporating simple practices can help you to reduce your stress levels. Here’s a list of ways tips for managing and reducing stress in your life. Read through them and see if any apply to you.

  1. Avoid people who stress you out.
  2. Avoid unnecessary stress.
  3. Learn to say “No.”
  4. Take control of your environment.
  5. Avoid “hot button” topics.
  6. Pare down your to-do list.
  7. Find a healthy outlet to express your feelings.
  8. Be willing to compromise.
  9. Be more assertive.
  10. Practice better time management.
  11. Reframe the problem that is stressing you out.
  12. Look at the bigger picture.
  13. Adjust your standards.
  14. Focus on the positive.
  15. Stop trying to control the uncontrollable.
  16. Look for the upside to the situation.
  17. Share your feelings instead of bottling them up.
  18. Learn to forgive.
  19. Set aside relaxation time.
  20. Learn to connect with others.
  21. Make it a point to do something you enjoy every day.
  22. Keep a sense of humor about things.
  23. Exercise regularly.
  24. Follow a healthy diet.
  25. Reduce your sugar and caffeine intake.
  26. Avoid drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
  27. Get enough sleep.
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