What Can I Expect During Recovery From LAP-BAND® Surgery?

Recovering from LAP-BAND surgery takes place in phases. While you might assume that you will start losing weight as soon as your procedure is complete, it’s important that you understand your body will be healing during the first month after surgery. You will be concentrating on adjusting to the changes your body has just undergone rather than on trying to lose weight.

Initial Recovery
LAP-BAND is considered a minimally invasive procedure; most patients encounter few problems and are able to return to work within a week after their surgery.

You will have to follow a careful diet after your LAP-BAND procedure and your surgeon may recommend you take vitamin supplements due to dietary restrictions. Usually patients follow a liquid diet for the first few weeks after their LAP-BAND procedure and then transition to soft foods such as pudding, baby food or pureed food as tolerated. Later (about two-weeks after you can tolerate soft foods) you’ll gradually introduce solid foods into your diet.

Your surgeon will also recommend an exercise plan and possibly a support group or behavior modification techniques to help you continue and maintain weight loss.

You’ll need plenty of rest right after your surgery and you should consider a weight loss support group where you can connect with other patients undergoing similar physical and emotional changes.

Follow-Up Visits
You’ll make several follow-up visits to your surgeon to make sure you are experiencing a complication-free recovery. Your surgeon may also adjust the LAP-BAND during these visits, as necessary. Physician visits typically take place between six and eight times over the course of 18 months.

Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery is located at Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford and offers monthly weight loss surgery seminars where you can have your questions about LAP-BAND, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and adjustable gastric banding surgeries answered. To register for one of our free weight loss seminars, see our calendar of events or call (781) 306-6166.

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