Is Weight Loss Surgery Covered by Insurance?

If you’re considering weight loss surgery as an option for managing your obesity and are wondering whether the surgery will be covered by insurance, the first thing we suggest doing is coming to a Hallmark Health System weight loss surgery information seminar (our calendar lists the dates).  During the seminar you’ll be able to speak directly to one of our physicians. Because we’re located in Medford, Massachusetts, coming to one of our sessions is easy and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and all of your questions are answered.

Will My Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

Determining if your insurance covers weight loss surgery is one of the main reasons you should attend our weight loss surgery seminars. We hold them right here in Medford so we can help you determine the answer to this question, which can .  depend on a few factors. There are several kinds of weight loss surgery and some policies cover only certain kinds while other policies exclude all types of weight loss surgery.

If your insurance company does not have a specific exclusion, the next step is to find out whether weight loss surgery benefits are actually available for you. This can be tricky because some insurance companies will give you a definite “yes” or “no,” but others may not give you a concrete answer until they have all necessary documentation and can make a determination about the medical necessity of your weight loss surgery. By attending one of Hallmark Health System’s weight loss surgery seminars we can help you determine the answers to all of these questions.

Co-pay and Co-insurance for Weight Loss Surgery

Many insurance policies cover certain kinds of weight loss surgeries and your out-of-pocket costs depends largely on the kind of policy you have and its terms, along with any arrangement you have with the hospital.

Because there are many types of insurance coverage, how much your insurance company will cover cannot be predicted, it varies depending on your specific policy. If you are planning to come to Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery in Medford, we can help you with the insurance authorization and approval process. With precise policy information and approval, we will help you figure out your expected out-of-pocket costs before you schedule your weight loss surgery.

This might all sound very confusing — that’s why it’s important for you to know we are going to help you every step of the way. Just call us at (781) 306-6166 to register for one of our weight loss surgery information sessions and we can answer your questions in person.

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