How Will My Life Change After Weight Loss Surgery?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are considering weight loss surgery as an option for battling obesity, and the reasons are well defined. Surgeries like the LAP-BAND®, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures are billed as minimally invasive and effective solutions for morbid obesity and other weight-related issues that can seem like impossible problems to solve.

Still, you might be asking yourself if your life will really change after weight loss surgery. And if it does, how will it change?

A Lot Will Change

Pretty much everything in your life will change or be impacted in some way after your weight loss surgery. Some patients even say that weight loss surgery affected their lives as much as other milestone events like marriage or having a baby. And that is in just the first weeks after surgery.

Your Eating Habits Will Change

This might sound obvious considering the fact that this is one of the primary reasons patients consider having weight loss surgery; but to clarify, weight loss surgery will drastically reduce the amount of food you can consume. In the first few months after surgery you may even feel full after only a few bites of food. Over the course of a year or so, you should be able to eat more. But you won’t be able to eat as much as your mind might think it wants to and you may not be able to tolerate many of the foods that you used to love.

You’ll also have to be conscious to chew your food thoroughly and take it in slowly – if you don’t, you can experiences sometimes-painful consequences. Eating too much or not chewing thoroughly enough hurts and might come right back up. Eating the wrong foods causes some patients to feel nauseous.

These unpleasant physical consequences are why some patients choose weight loss surgery as a solution in the first place – they feel that they will not have to rely on their own will power to change eating habits for the better. Even if you feel this way, it is important that you understand you will have to make changes that may not be pleasant or easy and having a support system in place to help you through it all will be a vital part of your weight loss journey.

You Will Change

It’s no surprise that your eating habits and relationship with food will change after weight loss surgery. What does surprise many people is how weight loss surgery affects so much more than how much they weigh and how they look.

Weight loss surgery will change the way you feel and more importantly the way you feel about yourself. While LAP-BAND®, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are surgical procedures performed on your stomach, it is what happens to your “brain,” that makes the biggest difference in patients’ lives.

No matter what you might think, permanent weight loss and weight loss success is not automatic. It will be up to you to integrate new habits into your life and change ones that contributed to your obesity before your surgery. You’ll have to learn to eat healthier foods, be more active and take charge of your life. If you don’t you could end up back where you started.

Your life will be drastically different after weight loss surgery, but you can prepare for it and approach it head-on. The end result with be a new and healthier you, both outside and in.

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