Getting Your Family On-Board for Weight Loss Success

Your family can be your biggest motivation to help you achieve your weight loss goals and asking your loved ones to become committed with you will help you stay committed to your weight loss journey. Below are a few ways you can get your family on-board to help you achieve your goal.

  • Let your family know what your goal is and how you plan on achieving it.
  • Don’t be shy! Tell them how much it means to you when they encourage you every now and then.
  • Plan regular activities for the whole family.
  • Make a weight chart and post it in a place where everyone can see it and appreciate your excellent progress.
  • Clean out your cupboards and make a rule that junk food has to be stored somewhere “out of your reach.”
  • Share your successes!
  • Plan a diet-friendly menu with the whole family, ahead of time.
  • Ask your family to help you by not offering you foods that are not on your diet — even if it used to be one of your favorite foods.
  • Give everyone in your family the opportunity to choose their favorite healthy foods at the grocery store.
  • Learn about healthy portion control.
  • Cut down on sugary drinks and sodas and replace them with sugar-free flavored waters and sparkling waters.

Remember, losing weight is not a short-term diet but a permanent change of lifestyle. Make sure your family understands and supports you in that. Be supportive of each other and try to avoid making the process competitive. One person’s accomplishment is the whole family’s accomplishment. Conversely, if one person is struggling, find out how everyone can help overcome their challenge.

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