Gastric Bypass Surgery in Medford: What to Expect

Let’s start by saying that you will not be alone in your recovery from gastric bypass surgery when you come to Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery in Medford. Our surgeons have performed many successful gastric bypass surgeries, which is part of the reason why we are a Bariatric Center of Excellence.

The success of our weight loss surgery program is due in part to the excellent aftercare that our patients receive. This aftercare is a key component in whether your weight loss surgery will be a success.

Your recovery from gastric bypass surgery begins the moment your procedure is completed and continues for the rest of your life. Understand that gastric bypass surgery is not a quick fix for losing weight – it is what you should think of as the first step to weight loss and your journey to living a healthy life.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Aftercare

Whether you have your gastric bypass procedure performed here in Medford or elsewhere, typically patients spend a few days in the hospital after gastric bypass surgery and it will be a few weeks before you can return to normal activities. You may experience some swelling and pain in the days following your surgery, but prescription medication can help to alleviate some of this discomfort.

Eating After Gastric Bypass Surgery

An ongoing part of your recovery will be learning how to eat properly. It will be very important that you drink a lot of water, so that you do not get dehydrated. Your surgeon or bariatric team will advise you about reintroduction of foods to your new stomach.

At first you’ll only be allowed to take small sips of water or chew on chips of ice. But over a few weeks, you will be able to eat, first clear liquids then semi-soft foods that are pureed (depending on what your surgeon recommends).

Some of what you learn about what you can and can’t eat will be through trial and error. You won’t be able to eat too much food and it is also very important that you chew your food very thoroughly so that it can pass through your new stomach into your intestines.

In the first 9-12 months after your gastric bypass surgery, you’ll lose weight very quickly. It is not unusual for weight loss to plateau after about 18 months. It’s a good idea (with your surgeon’s go-ahead) to take a good multivitamin and mineral supplements, including iron, calcium and vitamin B12.

Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery is a Bariatric Center of Excellence. We will help guide you through every step, from finding out more about whether your insurance policy covers gastric bypass surgery to coaching you on healthy eating and exercise after your procedure. Register for a free weight loss surgery information session right here in Medford, MA, and take the first step toward your new life today. Call (781) 306-6166 to register.

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