Focus on Stress Reduction and Weight Loss: Breathing Technique & Food Meditation

Studies suggest that lowering your stress levels can help with weight control. Meditation and breathing techniques are methods that people around the world use to help control stress and increase emotional and mental wellness. Here are two easy breathing and food meditation techniques that you can use during your weight loss journey to help you stay on track mentally, physically and emotionally.

1. Breathing meditation using numbers and rhythm
This technique can be done sitting, standing or lying down. First get into a comfortable position. Then, begin counting up to 70 with each breath in and out. As you inhale, take in what feels like 70 percent of your lung capacity; use your diaphragm (not your shoulders or chest) to breath as follows:

Breath in: One count
Breath out: Two counts
Continue breathing until you reach 70 counts.

The next step to mindfulness is to control the length of each of your breaths. Meditating on your breath while controlling each exhale and inhale throughout the duration of this exercise can help you to become more aware of your physical state while allowing you to clear your mind of any disturbances that may be causing you undue stress. It can also help hone your mental discipline and give you a sense of control over your physical well-being and mental state.

2. Mindful eating
Careful awareness while you’re eating can help you to be more aware of our caloric intake and feeling of being satisfied and full. You can use the following tips to help you be a “mindful eater,” slow down your eating process, enjoy your food more and eat less overall.

Instead of standing up and eating, make sure you’re seated and not multitasking. Multitasking while you’re eating can lead to unconsciously eating too much. As you bring your food toward your mouth, pay attention to the way it smells and looks. Slow down and be aware of your body’s posture and movements. Once the food is in your mouth, put your silverware down and make each bite a deliberate, focused process. Concentrate on the taste and texture of the food as well as the actual act of chewing.

While you’re chewing, don’t do anything else, simply pay attention and chew your food until it is uniformly smooth. The uniformity of the food’s texture will be your signal to swallow. After you swallow, pause and take a deep breath before moving your next bite of food to your mouth.

If you can concentrate on improving yourself and enjoying life; even if just for a few moments every day it can be beneficial to your overall sense of wellness and health. Improving your outlook on life will help you to continue with the life changes you must make after weight loss surgery in order to lose weight and keep it off in the long-term and your efforts will be much more effective and enjoyable with a positive mental outlook.

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