Dress for Fitness Success – Tips for Women

Undergoing weight loss surgery is just the beginning of a lifetime of changes that you will make to live a healthier, happier life. One of the commitments that you must make in order to continually improve your health and well-being is a promise to yourself to keep active. But, some of us have never been active and even what might seem like a very basic thing like dressing properly for your activity could seem overwhelming. Here are some simple tips on dressing for fitness success that we hope will help increase your confidence and comfort while you make gains toward becoming physically fit.

1. Wear the right bra.

2. Wear appropriate shoes. Wear running shoes for running and shoes with good ankle support for high-impact, dynamic workouts like step classes or Zumba. Whatever style or type of shoe you wear, make sure it fits you correctly and doesn’t cause any pinching or pain.

3. Wear clothes that provide you with the right coverage. If you’re running, you may not want to wear baggy pants as they may cause issues under foot. The same pants; however, might work well in a yoga class. Think about your activity and then dress for a successful session.

4. Don’t forget to wash your makeup off of your face before starting. It will help keep your skin healthier and keep the makeup from running in your eyes.

5. Pull your hair back. Stray bangs flying into your face during a cardio session could cause you eye irritation, or worse.

The bottom line is this: Dress so you are comfortable and can have a safe, productive workout. Don’t worry about what other people are wearing – where what works for you.

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