Desk-Workouts for Nine-to-Five’rs

Your decision to undergo weight loss surgery was the beginning of your lifelong journey to control your obesity and regain your health. Now that you have had your procedure and are recovered enough to go back to work, you might find that being in an office all day puts a real damper on getting in your daily dose of activity.

Studies show that there are many downsides to sitting at your desk for most of the day, making it that much more important to keep moving throughout the day instead of waiting until the workday ends to get your blood flowing. But, don’t worry; your job doesn’t have to interfere with your weight loss goals. You can easily work a few habits into your workday and do a few midday exercises while sitting at your desk that will help you increase the number of calories you burn daily.

Great workday habits to help you burn calories

  • Set your timer to get up every 30-45 minutes to stretch and to get your blood-flowing.
  • Walk or pace while reading documents or talking on the phone.
  • Check out a stand-up desk or even a treadmill desk. A stand-up desk is a great long-term investment in yourself; simply switching from a sit-down desk to a stand-up desk can help you burn up to 240 extra calories a day!
  • Try to eat small, structured and well-timed meals away from your desk instead of grazing all day.
  • Keep water at your desk and make sure to stay hydrated!
  • Take short walks around the office when you can.
  • On breaks, take walks, move and stretch.

Great desk workouts
Check out these great desk workouts and use them to help you get your daily dose of activity.

  • Ab exercises while sitting at work
  • Desk crunches
  • Crunches with twist
  • Bicycle
  • Lateral oblique crunches
  • Waist rotations with ball

Body weight exercises for the office throughout the day

  • Chair lift
  • Magic carpet ride
  • Chair pose
  • Desk pushupsHow to stay fit at your desk

A good desk desk workout keeps you energized throughout the day, leaving you feeling invigorated, not fatigued and includes ergonomics, exercise, mobility, hydration and nutrition. These all contribute to combating the effects of long hours spent toiling at a computer or completing mountains of paperwork.

Working moms workout (aka exercises you can do at your desk)

  • Desk pushups
  • Chair crunches
  • Desk run
  • Chair squats
  • Swivel chair
  • Eye exercise

10 healthy, brain-stimulating “at work” work-outs you can do at your desk

  • Marching in place
  • Push-ups against your desk
  • Leg lifts
  • Triceps dips
  • Chair squats
  • Overhead side reaches
  • Modified jumping jacks
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Toe reach
  • Chest stretch

20-minute desk workouts

  • Walk to talk
  • Take the long way
  • Sneaky exercises
  • Location, location, location
  • Give yourself a break

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