Benefits for Families When a Parent has Bariatric Surgery

Being overweight affects your energy levels, your self image and productivity. But did you know it also affects your family, loved ones and friends who surround you?

When a patient undergoes bariatric surgery, there are many lifestyle changes that he/she must undergo in order to achieve a successful outcome. Besides helping you lose weight, these lifestyle changes can also have a positive impact on your family and your family’s habits.

Here are just some ways that bariatric surgery will positively affect your family because it will have a positive effect on you.

1. You’ll have more energy.

When you lose weight your energy levels will go up, giving you more energy to spend on activities with your children and spouse.

2. Your self image will change, for the better.

While your self image may not be entirely hinged on how much you weigh, losing weight won’t just make you look and feel better – it will be a great sense of accomplishment to you. Your family will see this change in you – a change like this can be a powerful positive force in the household.

3. You will set an example.

Kids model their parents and learn both healthy and unhealthy behaviors from them. At Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery, we will coach you in the recovery stages of bariatric surgery on the healthy lifestyle changes you need to make for a successful outcome. Your family and children will learn about healthy food choices and the importance of physical activity because it will be a big part of your life after surgery.

4. Your family will see you setting goals, and achieving them.

While your long-term goal will be weight loss, you will make many short-term goals and meet them along the way. Whether it is building up to walking 2 miles per day or drinking adequate water daily, your family will see you making these goals and meeting them. You very well may become your family’s voice of inspiration.

5. You will reform your whole family’s eating habits, by default.

Obesity is a family concern. Research has shown that within a year of bariatric surgery, the average weight of patient’s family members fell from 234 pounds to 226 pounds! And, waistlines decreased from 47 inches to less than 44 inches. Why? Because your children will be twice as likely to reform their eating habits and increase their physical activity following your surgery.

Obesity isn’t just your concern, it is the concern of your whole family. At Hallmark Health System’s Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery we view bariatric surgery as a platform for change, for the whole family.

Start changing your life for the better.

There are many ways that you can reach those goals; our health care professionals and surgeons are experienced in working with patients with a wide range of needs. Call (781) 306-6166 to find out more about our free weight loss surgery informational seminars, or visit our website for more information about our services.

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