New Research Shows Patients Experience Diabetes Remission after Bariatric Surgery

Last week, the New England Journal published research showing many Type 2 Diabetic patients experience remission after bariatric surgery. Two separate studies tracked patients over two years to identify the effects of bariatric surgery on diabetes. For some time, doctors have seen a dramatic reduction in diabetes following surgery, but did not have specific research data to prove it.

The studies were conducted at two institutions – The Cleveland Clinic and Catholic University of Rome. The Cleveland Clinic study evaluated 150 patients that had body mass index’s (BMI) of 27 to 43 and received either gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The results indicated that 42 percent of bypass patients experienced diabetic remission versus 37 percent of sleeve patients.

Catholic University of Rome study included 60 patients with BMI’s between 30 between 60 who either received gastric bypass or biliopancreatic surgery. (Biliopancreatic surgery is not offered in the U.S.) Those patients who received the bypass surgery experienced 75 percent remission rate.

Though the research is good news for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, both research studies were smaller in scope. A related article appeared in the NY Times.
Bariatric surgery has also been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol in overweight patients. If you’re interested in learning more about bariatric surgery, join us on April 11 for our informational seminar.

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