Starting the Bariatric Surgery Process

The bariatric pre-surgical process will last approximately three to six months, depending on your insurance requirements and your level of commitment to the program.  Hallmark Health System’s (HHS) Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery staff can assist you with booking all of your appointments and with any questions you may have during the process. You can reach the Center by calling (781) 306-6166

Steps you will need to take before you are cleared for surgery:

  1. Attend weight loss surgery information seminar. (schedule)
  2. Obtain referral from your primary care physician for surgeon appointments if your insurance plan requires it.
  3. Attend initial consultation with bariatric surgeon.
  4. Have lab work, upper GI and pulmonary function test scheduled and attended as part of the pre-operative clearance process. The Center’s staff will book this for you at your first appointment.
  5. Attend office visits with the nurse practitioner every four to six weeks to help you stay on track and to review results of diagnostic studies and clearances.
  6. Schedule an appointment with nutritionist; see nutritionist monthly three to six times.
  7. Schedule an appointment with our mental health provider for a psychological clearance. This requires one evaluation and one follow up prior to surgery.
  8. Attend cardiac consultation and any testing the cardiologist may request.
  9. Visit primary care physician for physical exam and written clearance.
  10. Complete a sleep study and additional medical clearances may be deemed necessary by your surgeon based on your medical history.
  11. Visit surgeon after your clearance has been obtained and has final discussion about surgery.
  12. Verify benefits and obtain insurance authorization for surgery. The Center’s staff will take care of this for you.

If you have any questions before getting started, call the Center at (781) 306-6166 or visit us online at and select “Clinical Programs”.

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