3 Tips to Keep Kids and Snacks from Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Do your kids derail you from your weight loss? Many parents have the same problem. They tend to stick to healthy eating plans until children come home from school or until parents are preparing kids’ school lunches.

It’s really no surprise. Kids love sugary snacks and processed foods, and so do parents; they’re tasty and easy to grab from the pantry and throw into lunchboxes. Whether it’s bite-sized crackers, mini bags of chips or soda – these kinds of foods are ready to grab and go, no problem.

Well, no problem except when it comes to Mom’s or Dad’s weight loss program.

What’s wrong with these snacks?

Many of these processed snacks are laden with fat and refined sugars. You can easily rack up 500 or more calories ingesting just a few small packages. But the snacks themselves aren’t the only culprit. Lack of time, stress and unconscious grazing all contribute to overeating throughout the day.

Follow these tips to keep kids and snacks from getting in the way of your weight loss goals.

  1. Be proactive.
    Keep healthy nibbles around, instead of sugary snacks. Low-fat cheese cubes, baby carrots, cucumber slices, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, orange quarters and lean-meat meatballs are all great snacks that are healthy and easy to make.
  2. When you’re eating, do that.
    Does this sound familiar: You’re multitasking to save time, checking Facebook, applying your makeup and packing the kids’ lunches, while ingesting a bowl of cereal or a chocolate chip granola bar. Studies have shown how you eat is just as important as what you eat. Make a commitment to actually sit down and enjoy at least one meal per day, without distractions. It will keep you from unconsciously over-consuming and help your body digest your food properly.
  3. Enjoy your food.
    When you eat, ditch the “I’m bad” or “I’m good” mentality. Focus on how good food makes you feel when you eat it. Think about how healthy choices are feeding your body with energy for your next walk or workout. And always remember you are valuable and beautiful right now – no matter how much you weigh.

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