12 More Cool Places to Find Weight Loss Recipes and Tips

We know in your preparation for weight loss surgery you’re probably wondering where you can go for advice or support before and after surgery. We’re here for you with weight loss surgery seminars, weight loss surgery tips on our Facebook page, weight loss surgery Tweets and weight loss surgery support groups that meet every month.

Hallmark Health Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery Facebook & Twitter are great places to start. Not only do we publish great tips, recipes and news about our support groups, we also run contests where you can win gift certificates to local venues and online stores to help you buy supplements or other tools to help you in your weight loss journey! “Like” and “Follow” us today to stay motivated – you’ll have a whole community of support right at your fingertips!

12 More Cool Places to Find Weight Loss Recipes and Tips

Pre- and post-surgery you’ll be looking for tips from people who have been through it, health recipes that are tried and true and forums where people are talking about what they are doing to succeed in their weight loss journey.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of 12 great places to find weight loss recipes and tips. And never forget, you can do it!

1. Bariatric Foodie
Bariatric Foodie is a blog that also has a very active Facebook page. It is moderated by Nikki Massie, who had gastric bypass surgery January 2008 and lost a total of 155 lbs. She started Bariatric Foodie when she decided she didn’t want to be miserable about food for the rest of her life; through the blog and community she celebrates food and health.

2. Bariatric Friendly
This Facebook page is a respectful public forum of people who have undergone weight loss surgery. The page moderator posts recipes, tips and words of inspiration

3. ObesityHelp.com
This website also has an active Facebook page. ObesityHelp.com is a Bariatric social network & educational resource for weight loss surgery patients.

4. Healthy Weight Loss and Dieting Tips
This Facebook page shares secrets and tips for a healthy lifestyle every day for people of all walks of life.

5. Barix Connection
Barix Connection offer recipes, tips and forums where weight loss surgery patients.

6. Weight Loss Surgery Recipes Pinterest Boards
Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and healthy recipe ideas

7. Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyles Magazine
This magazine features healthy recipes and tips for weight loss surgery patients

8. My Fitness Pal
This mobile and web app is used by thousands to assist them in their weight loss journey. It allows you to track calories, fiber, protein, exercise and activity levels and more.

9. The World According to Egg Face Blog
This blog is a funny, fun and sincere look at life after weight loss surgery in the long-term.

10. Miles to Go Blog
This blog is a hub for weight loss surgery information, sharing and discussion.

11. Squidoo
This Squidoo lens is an entire list of tips for preparing for, undergoing and recovering from weight loss surgery.

12. Weight Loss Surgery Channel
From pre-op, what to expect and the road to success, this website covers it all.

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