10 Fun Ways to Lose Weight This Spring

1. Dance Dance Revolution

Available for several gaming consoles, this game brings fitness to the living room. Just follow the choreographed moves to fun, rhythmic tunes and you’ll be a Dance Dance Revolution pro in no time.

2. Capoeira

This Brazilian martial art mixes dance, music and acrobatics. Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. There’s many levels of the art – just be ready to move, be active and have a lot of fun.

3. Kettle Cardio

No, not tea kettle. Kettle bells are a great way to add strength training to your cardio workout. You can find kettle bells from 5 – 65 pounds in your local Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

4. Taekwondo

You don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy the Korean martial art, taekwondo. Its dynamic forms make for an interesting workout for martial artists at any level. Taekwondo’s structured classes are perfect for beginners and its focus on the lower body will get your heart rate up in no time.

5. Disc Golf

Grab a few friends and a few frisbees and head to one of the many disc golf courses in Massachusetts. Walk, jog or run through the courses as you try to toss your disc into the target “holes.”

6. Jumping Rope

It’s not just for kids! Jumping rope is an amazing aerobic activity that burns tons of calories – plus it’s a budget-friendly activity you can take with you anywhere.

7. Tai Chi

Get in touch with your inner peace. Tai Chi centuries old, originating in China and is a way you can connect your body and mind through meditative, slow, controlled and fluid movements. But don’t let its slow-pace fool you. Tai Chi improves coordination, increases strength and even lowers blood pressure and stress levels.

8. Spin

Looking for a low-impact workout where you can control the intensity? Spin classes might be for you. These indoor cycling classes set to upbeat music offer an energized atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re bicycling through a disco. You’re whole body will reap the benefits.

9. Cardio Kickboxing

This cardio class takes traditional kickboxing and combines it with fast-paced music, quick movements and stretching. Plus, don’t forget how amazing your legs will look after a few of these classes.

10. Boot Camp

Need an extra kick in the caboose to motivate you? Enroll in a bootcamp session. These intense workout sessions give you the guidance of a personal training session with the support that comes with group fitness classes. If you’re a person who needs a little extra motivation to work out, these classes might be for you.

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