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Spring Brain Building Activities - Let’s Go for a Walk!

Everything you show and share with your child gives him information about his surroundings. This knowledge helps build his confidence to explore and learn more. Taking a walk is a simple yet great way for your child to experience the world.

•        You don’t have to have a destination for your walk. Just get out and go!

•        Your walk may involve very little walking. You may be strolling if your baby still needs a stroller or chasing a toddler who loves to run, climb, and jump.

•        Chances are you won’t get very far or move too quickly, but make sure that you have plenty of time to stop and look around as you come and go.

•        Looking around and talking about what you both see is an important part of your walk together. Plan to stop frequently during your walk and let your child look, listen, feel, and smell things around him.

•        While you walk and when you stop, help your child take notice of sights, sounds, and experiences, and pay attention to what she responds to.

•        Outdoor investigations involve a lot of questions—be ready for lots of “why?” and “what’s that?” Your child will need your help identifying things. Have some questions of your own, such as Do you hear that bird? I wonder if we can see it, too. Or: That leaf is really pretty. What color is it?

•        Be excited about your child’s discoveries and take time to really focus on what he’s found.

•        If your child has a question you can’t answer, it’s okay to say I don’t know. Together, try to find out online, in a book, at the library, or at a local park, museum, or zoo.

•        Exploring outside can be messy! Be prepared with clothes that can get dirty, wipes, and a container for    holding any treasures collected on your walk.

Produced by WGBH for the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care with federal funds from The Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge Grant.


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